Hello I’m Jon Evans

Personal Mindfulness & Mindset Coach

Helping Individuals Discover their WHY, While Living there Best Life

Mindset & Life Coaching

Would you like to break away from your limitations & habits, and have the growth mindset to achieve your most valuable goals in life? Are you wanting to be happier and more successful? 

Mindfulness Coaching

From custom seminars to keynote speaking at organisations, Learn how Jon can bring his insights and wisdom to your organisation or event.

Goal Setting

To create the life you want you to have to have the correct strategies in place to master your goals 

Relationship Coaching

Are you struggling to be fully present in your relationships, discover the power Mindfulness can bring to your relationships 

Stress Management

We all must recognise how stress harms our body and learn simple yet powerful stress management techniques to not only reduce stress but to allow stress work for you, rather than against you.

Mindset & Personal Growth

Our greatest asset is in between our ears, yet we never get taught how to access its full potential. Let us work together to remove these limiting beliefs which have been holding you back your entire life. 

Why Start Awaken Ur Mind

I created Awaken Ur Mind to be a place to go when you did change in your life. As a Professional Mindfulness & Mindset Coach, I created this website to help and inspire those wanting change and to become their very best with 1:1 Mentorship/Coaching, to strike down them belief & habits which are restricting your full potential.

As well as weekly blogs to empower you and those around you to start asking yourself the right questions about life. I always say, “you are not presenting answers; you are leading them to find their own answers.”

Stay Positive & Stay Blessed

Online Coaching Resources

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7 Easy Mindfulness Techniques

The Essentials of Goal Setting

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