Discovered a quote about a year ago; it hit me where it hurts. I want to share it with you all.

The quote was “Be yourself everyone else is already taken.”

Can remember the day like it was yesterday. I was coming to an end of my nearly five years of self-employment within the manual labour industry.

Discovering a part of me which I have never unlocked before and that was standing on my own two feet.

Believing in yourself, the power of the mind

Most of my life, I believed I was walking behind everyone’s shadow and not truly believing in myself. I was an indecisive kid growing up! So this blog is going to be a short story of how I unlocked my pen to finish writing my novel.

The past five years, I had been working towards a dream and goals which I set myself-years before. Which if I’m honest was a bit intimidating however what’s the point in setting small goals!

So yes I was in the manual labour industry also named as a horticulturist or in short I cut lawns for a living. Now don’t get me wrong this business taught me so much and if it weren’t for the help and guidance from my friend Matt. My dreams and goals would never be accomplished.

Person Cutting Lawn

Believing in yourself, the power of the mind

Now you’re probably all wondering where I’m going with this. Well, let me tell you before you leave this page.

The day I woke up and felt like a different person inside. Have you ever woken up from a great nights sleep and said is there more to life than living a settled life. Where all your days blend into one.

That was it, the day which changed my whole perspective on life the day the quote hit me hard and put me right in my place. Why do I have to be living the same experience and following everyone else’s footsteps to live a happy fulfilled life? I DON’T THINK SO. I want to be me!

Don’t you find there are days in your life where you want to be doing the job of your choice? You haven’t got anyone telling you that you can’t do it?

In my eyes, everything is possible you have to want it bad enough.

After I realised that I wanted to discover more to life. I choose to dissolve my part of the business and start a new adventure which no doubt was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I decided to push through my fear to develop myself and grow my understanding of being yourself, not someone’s shadow.

Although this was my scariest moment in life leaving a well-paid job to becoming unemployed. After the fear kicked in, I wasn’t as scared as I thought because I was more excited about taking action to pursue a new and exciting career.

Throughout this life-changing aspect of my life. I realised that having that way of thinking could change all the viewpoints of my life. From my personal life to my professional life.

I took all the lessons on board and got straight to work in finding my next job! Which was a completely different job role. However, I didn’t care what anyone said if it was possible or not. I knew deep down that nothing was going to stop me in achieving my goal in working for a performance car dealership, guess what “I succeeded”. Everything is possible if you believe in yourself and conquer your fears. Never give up.

Mercedes GTR My message here today is that when you truly understand the power of just being yourself, the power of standing on your own two feet, you will then learn the true meaning of success.

Change and growth require us to believe in ourselves and stand for what you truly want out of life.

It’s one thing to make a substantial leap and another to trust that each move is fundamentally a closer endpoint to that goal that you truly desire.

Hope you found this story/message inspiring and valuable today and I hope it encourages you to believe in yourself. Remember not to follow anyone’s shadow. Live your life on your terms and never give up.

Have a fabulous week, and I’ll speak to you soon,
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