Are you struggling to find the excitement you had, when you started your job?

Considering quitting your job, but not sure if this is just stress or your work environment talking? Or are you just waiting for a better job to crop up before you hand in your notice?

Unsure About Your Future In Your Current Workplace

If you have answered YES to each of those questions, but are struggling to take action to move forward like everyone else in your situation?

Then Keep Reading!

Do you want your freedom back and not trading your time for that monthly transfer to your bank account. To live a happy life, travel to the places you’ve always wanted to, and change your lifestyle for the better which could be having the time at night to cook a wonderful meal for the family, rather than feeling stressed and chuck a ping meal in the microwave!

Being thoughtful and kind about quitting your job can help you move on without burning any bridges.

Unsure About Your Future In Your Current Workplace

Unsure about your future in your current workplace

Top 8 Genuine Reasons that might be going through your mind about quitting your job: Are you ready to say Adios to your workplace?

  1. No room for progression. If the company or workplace has only one set of ladders and you have run out of steps then its time for a change, otherwise you will start to climb down.

  2. Spending too much time commuting or traffic is getting worst. Which although you might not think but having a bad commute can lead to stress and depression for the rest of your day.

  3. Your job changed; you didn’t sign up for this. Struggling to see the primary purpose of your career and realising that you have adopted another role which is not a good fit for you and is putting you down, to the point it may be time to leave.

  4. Has your work environment turned in to a place where there’s more gossiping, complaining and office politics than actual work getting completed?

  5. Are you feeling undervalued or underpaid? If you believe you completed all the correct step to receive a raise or bonus then maybe its time to consider leaving?

  6. Is this career path taking you in the right direction to your dreams? Remember to stay focus on what you want in life and follow your passion.

  7. Considering going back to school? Maybe choose a different career which will allow you to have the correct time and mindset for your new career path while not feeling drained when studying.

  8. You are not feeling welcome at your workplace? from Layoffs, New management or struggling to understand the new rules which have taken place.

Stuck in traffic jam on the way to work

If your company’s future looks unclear, it might be time to say goodbye.

A 2019 Workplace Satisfaction Survey from the Addison Group required job seekers to justify why they would seek other positions. Replies combined:

81% – Dissatisfied with the current role
79% – Passed over for a promotion
43% – Not satisfied with your career path
39% – Manager/Direct Supervisor

The survey notes that 72% of employees were satisfied with their current role, 69% were optimistic about seeking a new position, and 80% even said with only having one bad day at work, they have started to look for a new job.

We understand that most people can’t just quit there 8 to 6 job whenever they want. Here are seven approaches that people are preparing to turn in their corporate uniform or office keys and step away free of the unfulfilled life.

· Saving money to pay off debt, cutting down monthly expenses

Unsure About Your Future In Your Current Workplace

· Training new skills, to develop a different career avenue

· Reaching out to possible clients/customers

· Taking advice from other Entrepreneurs

· Building their brand online/becoming your boss

· Taking educational courses in-person or online

· Lining up with investors or partners

However, the real question is, are people smiling and happy when they leap to go out on there own? Supposedly, they are, overall self-employed professional, enjoy greater career satisfaction than those stuck at their desk, wishing they had their business up and running.

The blending of a better work-life balance with also improving your health and more income makes the independent life more charming over time. Ultimately, once they are out of the 8 to 6, they don’t want to go back. I can vouch for that!!

So ask yourself a few simple questions I am happy and enjoying the 8 to 6 job lifestyle? I am ready for a new start and develop a better lifestyle?

Thank you for reading,

Jon Evans

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