What does it mean to be rich and how can you achieve financial freedom, and stop working for money and make money work for you.

On one dull rainy day in the United Kingdom, rather than going on an adventure, I decided to review some books that I read. I’ll be coving books on Personal Finance which has to start with the leading book I am going to discuss in this blog, Entrepreneurship, Motivational and whatever I believe will help you to understand financial success. (If you have any books that you would like us to read them, please pop them in the comments below)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad:
What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That The Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

This book will teach you that you should always invest in your mind and realise you can start doing that straightway, even at the age of 7 as shown in this book. I have a tremendous amount of respect for this book, and I try to bring it up in every conversation with our new client and even friends and family members who have never heard of it before.

What is the book about?

What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That The Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is an absolute juggernaut of a book – It’s been on the bestseller lists for more than 20 years. I re-read this book every year to gain more and more clarity. It’s crazy how much value you can obtain from a book, (Robert teaches you personal finance, however, if you are a guinea pig to this, don’t worry I was too, you can easily follow his story)
Like in the introduction he talks about why the rich don’t work for money, money works for them, and it made me realise that you can always make more money, but you can’t buy back time.

Most people never study the subject of MONEY. They go to their workplace, get their paycheck, pay their bills, and that’s it. On top of that, they wonder why they have money problems. As the years go on, less realise that it’s their lack of financial education that is the problem. Which yes we still to this day don’t learn in schools curriculum

What’s good about the book :

The main view of this book is yes the title, Robert had two fathers when growing up a biological father(Head of Teacher) which was the poor Dad and then his best friends father who was a self-made entrepreneur who was rich and left school at a young age. Both dads had a completely different view on the money – 1 spoke about money on the dinner table, and 1 forbids it while having family time or meals. See if you can decide who is who!

Now, this is coming from my experience and views; everyone has made silly investment choices either going all out on a stock/shares with no information or education. If that’s the right one to invest, they take the gamble, and soon makes a massive dent in their pocket.
However, when Iyou ask them what they learn, they replied with “advertising salespeople are crooks.” I then asked if he would be willing to take a course in stocks/shares and a course in investments for commodities. His reply, “I don’t have time, and I don’t want to waste my money.”

Personal Finance Book Review: RICH DAD POOR DAD

What’s not so good :

The book does a fabulous job of teaching and explaining how to think about work and money. For me, this is a book to read. The only downside is that Robert loves real estate and the main focus towards the end of the book is to invest in real estate. Which for UK readers it’s becoming harder and harder to invest in properties when you are young or don’t have an investment budget. On the other hand, he explains other avenues to follow if real estate isn’t your main passion.

For me, this book has definitely helped me create a life of financial freedom by following these steps in building a business that I can automate and not be stuck in an office or making sure I got all my target achieved from the boss.

Who is it for?

If you want to improve the way you think about money and start thinking like rich people, this book is ideal for you.

Conclusion On Personal Finance Book: RICH DAD POOR DAD BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI

Although it misses some practical steps, Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the most excellent books I’ve read if you want to be rich. It’s a simple approach, fascinating story and insightful advice are helpful to make you think like a rich person. Start creating a life where you make money work for you, so you don’t trade your time for a wage each month.

Rating: 17/20

See the book at Amazon .co.uk: Rich Dad, Poor Dad Book 

Thank for reading, have a wonderful day
Jon Evans

Jon Evans

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