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Need help Improving your quality of life well we can all start by something so small which is raising your hand. Unfortunately, so many of us stop doing the things we should do. To grow our mindset and knowledge in a specific area we struggle in. It just becomes too hard, and then we give up.

Now think back when you were at school and struggled to complete a task. Were you the one who would put up your hand and ask for help or keep your head down and try, if that didn’t work you move on to the next task.

Need Help Improving Your Quality of Life – Raise Your Hand!


In life, we see so many people never raise there hand to ask that one question that has been bugging them for some time about the project. Don’t be the shy kid who never raised his hand, be the one who has the confidence to raise there hand to the boss or manager as ask if they could explain in more detail.

One quick reminder from Tony Robbins “Raise Your Standards” This can be achieved by if you don’t understand the task of which has been issued. From experience, I was always the shy kids who never raised his hand in class. So that made depended on my friends to fill me in, so I understood the task better. The reason being I was too embarrassed to raise my hand, although I would then ask my friends to explain.
What’s the point of that you still have to ask to complete the question and who is going to explain it in more detail the teacher or your friend.

Need Help Improving Your Quality of Life – Start Today By Raising Your Hand!

Always raise your hand if you are stuck on a project or task, your boss/manager is here to help. Just think it like this if you’re in sales and your numbers are down because you never understood the task because you didn’t want to raise your hand, but yet you are found, in your boss’s office explaining why your numbers are too low. There is no harm in asking before its too late. Always raise your hand.

If you are stuck on how can I do this, find who can help you with this.


In life, we all get to a point where we are in sinking sand and don’t know how to get out of the situation because we have never experienced this before, so we end up procrastinating until we think of a way out. However, you never know when that brain wave will come.

Don’t wait to ask for help, rather than sitting and going round in circles. Stop, Think and Listen. Allow you to clear all the negative thoughts which you are thinking.

Relax your mind by doing a breathing exercise to calm your mind

Exhale and Inhale six time to allow the blood flow to enter your thinking part of the brain instead of filling all of your thoughts up with fear and doubt. Once you have taken them finished that excises, close your eyes and tap into your thoughts and see what happens. It’s transformative because all of your negative thoughts will have died down and the positive thoughts will be calling you to use them.

Hopefully, this blog teaches you, always to raise your hand when you are confused or not 100%, don’t feel afraid, feel proud that you raised your hand because everyone else was terrified too.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. I hope it helps you to raise your hand in the areas you struggle in.


Have a great day


Jon Evans

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