What does it mean to be mindful?

Mindfulness involves becoming present, and realising the now, that very moment in life.

It is vital that we individually remind ourselves of this simple fact. All too often we can misplace the true nature of mindfulness by over-analysing things or putting, all our stress on the act of meditation alone. Mindfulness is not something that we write down and remember it, but something that we have to practice throughout our everyday lives.

If we can all apply mindfulness while being at work, then why not while standing in a queue for lunch, brushing your teeth, catching up with an old friend, or even waiting for that postponed flight?

All these moments give an opening for us to practice mindfulness and live our lives more aware of the present moment.

Include mindfulness into your daily life.

According to recent research articles


Us as humans spend 50% of our time indulged in our thoughts, which is a proven supporting factor to our sadness throughout our lives — instead of flowing through our lives in a trance, overwhelmed by feelings, thoughts or sensations of what has happened or planning to arrive which are already out of our control.

Mindfulness enables us to interlock with the here and now and resemble our lives with greater clarity and peace of mind.

It is often in the more apparent, that we find ourselves shifting into auto-pilot in our day to day activities, this is also when we are tapping and accessing our subconscious mind to run our daily life. So why not start becoming more aware of these moments and tap into your conscious mind to be more mindful? In this blog, there is going to be seven proven methods on how best to involve mindfulness in our daily schedule.

Remember not to worry about trying to clear the mind of any thoughts or feelings. Rather than trying to hold on to all your thoughts, take a back seat and observing the thoughts, feelings, sensations and also emotions as they appear and disappear. If you are struggling and becoming distracted, focus on your breathing to bring your attention back to the present moment and focus on the task which you are concentrating on.

When explaining these proven methods, it will include approaches as being mindful, and the other has a mind full experience.

7 Methods to include mindfulness into your daily life.

[1] The First One Is No Joke – Being Mindful in the Shower

Include mindfulness into your daily life.

Mindful Experience:

Being mindful of the temperature before taking that first step into the shower or bathtub. You start to become aware of how soft and warm the water feels when it runs down your skin. Becoming mindful of the smell of the products you use such as shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, and the energy of your hands touching your body; even becoming mindful of the amount of water you are using to shower and also the power of the jet hitting your skin. At last, take a moment to embrace the water stopping and noticing the last few drops from the shower head touch your skin.

Mind Full Experience:

Not focusing on being present when stepping into the shower, have too many thoughts running through your mind — always telling yourself that the water never hits the sweet spot in temperature. Within seconds your mind gets filled with negative and unwanted thoughts from yesterday which could range from questioning a scene which happens in Game Of Thrones, Why did they kill him? That didn’t make sense? and also the most common realisation would be “did I wash my hair with shampoo???” Your mind has wonder so much you can’t even remember 30 seconds ago when you were washing your hair!

[2] Being Mindful when Brushing your Teeth – Quick Tip Brush with the opposite hand, which will allow you to become mindful straight away.

Include mindfulness into your daily life.

Mindful Experience:

Become mindful of the force you have to apply to enable the toothpaste to come out of the tube. Realising how much to use on your toothbrush, becoming aware of the taste and texture of the toothpaste (Minty); mindful of the feeling of your feet placed on the cold or warm floor; mindful of how you are brushing and making sure you are reaching and cleaning every single one. If you are struggling to become mindful when brushing your teeth, change to the opposite hand, and you will straight away feel much different, and you’ll become more aware of being mindful when doing this daily task.

Mind Full Experience:

Brushing your teeth as your life depends on it, you believe the faster, the better. Your mind then starts to wander, and you begin to notice that spot which wasn’t there. So you start questioning yourself, what did I eat yesterday that would make that spot appears or is it my diet it’s self or my lifestyle, soon you then realise you have to make your lunch for the day so stop brushing and leaving the bathroom with toothpaste running down your face!

[3] Being Mindful on your way to work

Include mindfulness on your way to work.

Mindful Experience:

Being mindful of the people around you, feeling there the energy of discomfort as you are feeling the same. Become mindful of the environment as a whole and your notion towards it; Becoming mindful of how the journey is going and how is the ride, focus on the smoothness or bumpiness and start becoming aware of the nature around you and listen not only to the transport which you are in. But all around you, try and listen to the birds singing, the lorry approaching the junction, the people talking at the side of the road. Always bring your thought to the present moment if they wonder bring them back and keep the focus on the now.

Mind Full Experience:

You feel crushed on the train or bus in a way you can’t even use your phone or read a book — the thought of having to spend my life travelling to work in claustrophobic situations needs to change. Finding yourself standing and holding your breath because the train/tube is so dirty, it’s unhygienic and doesn’t help by the number of different smells travelling through the train/tube: From last night kebab left over on the floor, someone standing next to you and smelling of every alcoholic drink under the sun. After all that thinking, you miss your stop because you were paying to much attention to your surroundings and filling your mind with negative thoughts that you didn’t even realise that your stop was being called out about ten times.

[4] Being Mindful while Eating

Include mindfulness when eating.

Mindful Experience:

Become mindful when you are preparing your meals as well as eating. Being grateful for all the ingredients you have to make a delicious sandwich or 3-course meals. Understanding the preparation, which is involved when preparing your meal. Mindful when eating, making sure you embrace every moment from the smells of the beautiful ingredients used. Enjoy every mouthful and be thankful for having an area to eat this incredible food.

Mind Full Experience:

You approach the fridge and take a look and think that will do, so you make a meal with whatever you can find. There has been no thought in what you are making or even what you are putting in your body because you have been thinking what you are going to do tonight so you are filling your mind with all these thoughts of what you could and don’t want to do. However, you haven’t even spent the time enjoying your meal or none the less preparing your food. A cheese sandwich or a microwaveable dinner will do, and I don’t have time to cook.

[5] Being Mindful while doing the dishes

Include mindfulness when doing the dishes

Mindful Experience:

Becoming aware of the responses as soon as your hands hit the hot and soapy water. Mindful of making sure every dish is clean. Being mindful and understanding what all the conversations are going on but not getting distracted by them; giving yourself a pat on the back once you have completed all the washing up, “I am Grateful for the hot water and soap to be able to clean the dishes well”.

Mind Full Experience:

You approach the sink with a heavy heart and like a bull in the China shop when washing the dishes, thinking to yourself that you always do the dishes, trying to get everything clean before the next programme starts. Ever leaving the toughest part last to try and leave it for someone else to clean (oily pan after burning the parsnips, so will take like 10 minutes to clean). Once you are nearly done you appear to start daydreaming and thinking of how this programme is going to end, without realising that you have stabbed your finger with the carving knife at the bottom of the sink.

[6] Being Mindful in the Queue

Include mindfulness when standing in line.

Mindful Experience:

Embracing mindfulness and realise what you need to do; mindful of how your breath and mood changes once you see the line at that bank. Mindful of how your body language is when standing and any imbalances when you start analysing your state of flow; Understanding how easy it is to distract yourself from the present moment and then gain focus and awareness again on how you interact with the people around you.

Mind Full Experience:

You can’t stand still for one moment, full of impatience when in line. You look at your phone when you are feeling discomfort, searching for something, which all your doing is staring at the home screen. Feeling like every second is taking an hour. You start rummaging to make sure you can do this as fast as you can. And realise that you’ve left your bank card on your desk after signing up with Netflix.

[7] Mindful Minute or Madness Minute

Include mindfulness into your daily life.

Mindful Experience:

Using one minute of your day to emerge yourself in the present moment and focus on your breathe and notice the thoughts which come into your mind. Don’t get attached to them, evaluate them if they are negative listen, then let them go, that doesn’t mean put them in your pocket for later! Just relax with either your eyes closed or open. Minute meditations can be an enjoyable practice for times when you start to feel a little stressed or annoyed.

Mind Full Experience:

Having that moment in your day when you have 100 and one things running through your mind that you can not but allow all the negative thoughts to enter your mind and fill your brain with self-doubt and fear of what your boss is going to say when you haven’t completed your assignment on time. You feel like every moment of your day is a minute of madness. You are struggling to find the positive side of these thoughts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog, hopefully, this has given you awakening to understand how using mindfulness can impact your everyday life for the better.
Become mindful and avoid having a mind full experience.

Have a wonderful day,
Jon & Rachael

Being Mindful – Always Smile

Jon Evans

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