Are Video Games Taking Over Your Life – My Story on how I overcame this addition and you can too? To all the Video Gamers out there. I am genuinely thankful for Square Enix for creating the second Life is strange Game for Xbox, Playstation, PC. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t say I’m a massive gamer now, but in my childhood, my mum and dad would struggle to get my brother and I off our consoles before 10 pm (on a school night).

However, my parents made it easy for my brother and me to play as we shared the same room, which meant controllers under the duvet and TV on stand by. We had everything covered if mum or dad came in, we even learnt to play without sound so no one would know. So yes, we were addicted to our video games, however, we never realised because we were in a fancy game and they never went to sleep so why should we. 

Let's Talk Addictions: Video Games
Let’s Talk Addictions: Video Games

Did I have what it take to change

However, this began to take a toll on us as we would not be performing well at school because all we wanted to do was kill the next baddy. From looking back on my past and reflecting on the choices and decisions I made. Stay up and not caring about the real world just as long as I was staying alive in the game, did not give me much in knowing my core values in life. Elder Scrolls Series would be our favourite or Fifa Street, we would even convince our parents to buy Grand Theft Auto which was an 18 “but mum and dad everyone at school is playing it why can’t we”, we had an argument after argument to be sure to get that game bought for us. 

Are video games taking over your life – It’s okay to speak up

Since growing up and watching all these Mental Health Stats go up. In actual fact in 2018 they have named a new disorder which is called “gaming disorder” I was for sure that gaming would become a big part of it as it can take over your life. It has brought to my attention that video games have committed a massive part to this and if I’m honest I know for sure if I carried on my addition to video games then I would have been a part of the percentage. 

How Mindfulness has helped me to stop my addiction and it can for you too 

Now this is my view and just being honest, since becoming Mindfulness Coach and practising Mindfulness it’s allowed me to honestly look back at my past and define in which areas have I suffered the most and don’t get me wrong I had a fantastic childhood, although my diet and addition of video games was consuming my teenage years. I never thought I was addicted and did you know why, because everyone at school would be doing the same so in my eyes it was normal. 

Hope you are still with me…. 

I hope I haven’t lost you? We are going to talk about this new game Life is strange 2. That’s just it, life is strange! If you never come to realise what additions you may have towards gaming, then you would never think that you are addicted. Now I’m not saying sell your console and never play again.

Although taking a mindful approach when playing may work wonders. Focus on the time you are and have been dedicating to playing, and don’t go over, remember we control our life, not technology. Allocate a time period to play and then take a break and reflect what you have learnt from the game and be aware of how it makes you feel. The more you notice when playing the game makes you become aware of how it affects your mentality and where are your thoughts at, positive or negative thoughts? 

Why I chose this game to talk about

The reason for this game is that yes life can be very strange for us gamers, the way we play determines the rest of our day and habits. Life is strange 2 goes deep into the emotions of a game and how it can help you understand yourself and the feelings you may experience in life. It takes you on an emotional journey of two brothers and the adventures they experience. Its basically a film but you control the characters and their emotions. 

Here is a short description to explain the game. 

After an incident, brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz run away from home. Hiding from the police, whilst also dealing with Daniel’s new telekinetic powers – The power to move objects with his mind – The boys decide to travel to their father’s hometown Mexico for safety. Whist their on the move older brother Sean is now the responsible adult for Daniel and teaching his right from wrongs in life and also the power he controls. 

As Daniel’s ability gets stronger, it leaves Sean to make the choices, decisions and the rules to live by for both their safety and the people they meet along the way. 

Keeping the power a secret, or use it to help them in their journey? This game brings you back to your teenage self, and how would you respond, Beg, borrow, or steal? Try reaching out to family, or stay hidden and keep your family safe? 

Sean’s choices determine the lives of the Diaz brothers, and how they may affect, everyone, they meet. 

The road map ahead Seattle, to Portland, to California… Through petrol stations, discovering abandoned lodges, back streets and forests… The road to Mexico is long and has danger approaching in every move they make. However, along with the journey, friendship, Wonder, and opportunity arise. 

This is the trip that could bond Sean and Daniel forever… or tear their Brotherhood apart.

A small summary of what I would like you to take from this blog

Of what I know about this game is that, it brings back memories of me and my brother and how our brotherhood was so different when playing the games to being out in nature – Deep down preferred nature, but never realised that until later on in life. If you have a younger sibling or and an older one, maybe this game might bring back memories just like it did for me and I’ve only watched about ten review and many trailers.

Life is Strange got released on 3rd December 2019 so be sure to get your copy and take a moment to be grateful for the experience Sean and Daniel take you on as there will be times, you definitely will be able to resonate to their emotional journey. Thanks for reading, stay positive and stay blessed, but most of all appreciate the time you spend on the games but never let it control your life as it nearly did mine. 

3 Simple Ways To Stop This From Happing 

  • Are you being honest with yourself and ask the question am I addicted to video games, this will truly help the road ahead to recovery? 
  • Give yourself a time frame, remember we can purse the game but not our life, never let it consume you. 
  • Be grateful for playing the game and write down what you have learnt from these games and how they could impact your life for the better. Keep them short and don’t think just write. 
  • BONUS – Be mindful when playing, it’s not a competition to be proud of I’ve played for 24 hours straight, just think if you have a child or a young member of the family, would you like them to be up all night in front of a screen or does camping in the forest sound like a better idea away from technology. 

Drop in the comment below your best video game and why?

Jon Evans

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