About Jon Evans

Mindfulness & Mindset Coach

Helping you channel your full potential in the present moment


Themselves to create and grow their conscious- sparked life. Mindfulness helps them acknowledge, accept, process and put a stop to emotions that manifest negativity, or self-hurt. 


Great ideas that will change the world because they’ve developed an understanding of their mind and body.

03. To Educate

People about how to become Attentive on their actions to themselves and others.

Hi, I’m Jon! I’d first just like to say thank you for taking the time to visit Awaken Ur Mind, it means a lot. I’ve tried to keep this page short, otherwise, it would be the same length as the intro to Star Wars haha. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact me.  

My Story

Hello, Everyone, Jon here if you don’t know already I’m a Mindfulness & Mindset Coach, while also a Marketing Manager at a Performance Car Dealership in Chichester in the South of England.

As well as the founder of Awaken Ur Mind, I’m also spending time learning affiliate marketer. Which consists of me recommending products and services to others who I believe could find huge value from them, and then I receive a commission for doing so.

With having this business highly automated, it allows me to keep my focus on building a coaching business while impacting and inspire others at the same time.

My name says it all honest Jon. If I’m letting others down it give me a real sense of dishonesty, and I’ll do anything to avoid the feeling of bringing negativity into the lives of others.

Stay Positive and Stay Blessed Everyone 

My Values & Mission In Life

Jon's Values

Wisdom, growth mindset, social change, progress, kindness, compassion, Performance, Health, Communication, Fulfilment, WHY, Purpose. 

Mission & WHY

My mission (WHY) is to take people on a journey to discover their WHY in life so that they can thrive and excel by becoming their best selves. By focusing on personal growth and Mindfulness my clients will have the ability to pass on their wisdom and give back to the greater good of our humanity and our world.

My Approach

Where most Mental Health experts can share their ideas on success from a specific area of coaching, I use my broad experience across many diverse clients from all over the world which has given me unique insights into the fundamentals that drive the best people to success.

The way I coach is a very practice approach aiming at helping every individual and driven professional to ultimately reach their highest potential. Rather than spending weeks questioning they WHY in life. From the get-go, I start unpacking your limiting beliefs to start driving that greater success within you. Why wait the best time to change was yesterday, the second-best time is today. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Unlocking Your Full Potenial Now!

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