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Themselves to create and grow their conscious- sparked life. Mindfulness helps them acknowledge, accept, process and put a stop to emotions that manifest negativity, or self-hurt. 


Great ideas that will change the world because they’ve developed an understanding of their mind and body.

03. To Educate

People about how to become Attentive on their actions to themselves and others.


A Team Of Professionals

Jon Evans


A marketing associate got out of the corporate rat race and helped designed a online education business to teach families and individuals how to live a mindful life. 

Rachael Iris


An Actress and Make-up Artist, who travelled the globe to inspire others through mindfulness, and Psychology.

Founder of Awaken ur mind

Jon Evans

Hello, I’m Jon Evans, and I’m a digital entrepreneur and Marketing Associate.

As well as co-founder of Root 2 Mindfulness, I’m also an affiliate marketer. Which consists of me recommending great products and services to others who I believe will find tremendous value in there content, and then I receive a commission for doing so.

With having this business highly automated, it allows me to keep the company running efficiently throughout the day.

Honesty has always been a massive part of me throughout my entire life. My name says it all honest Jon. If I’m letting others down it give me a real sense of dishonesty, and I’ll do anything to avoid the feeling of bringing negativity into the lives of others.

My vision is to help like-minded individuals achieve success in life and business by helping people set up and build their own lifestyle business using the skills of digital marketing.

How, by learning for the exact mentors that have given me the drive and motivation to get where I am today. I have been helping multiple clients create their lifestyle businesses since 2018 together with Stuart & Jay at The Six Figure Mentors.

Founder of Awaken ur mind

Rachael Iris

Hello! I am Rachael Iris, I’m from Cheshire in the United Kingdom.

As well as co-founder of Root 2 Mindfulness, I’m an Affiliate Marketer for Six Figure Mentors. A digital Educational company that helps you to create your own Online Business and the correct mindset whilst going through the process.

What I do is make money online by selling existing products, and services for the commission, also known as Affiliate Commissions.
Before joining SFM I had some serious realisations, that drove me to make such a big change in my career and future.  

I have a passion for Psychology, Mindfulness, Travel and Culture. It gives me great pleasure to be able to use my talents and skills from my studies, to help others express their emotions and thoughts. Learning to express yourself is so vital in everyday life. I’m tremendously grateful that I’m able to empower others in this way.

Just imagine yourself with the life you want to live with no boundaries. It’s difficult to even believe but please know it’s possible. Alongside me and the community at SFM you’ll have continuous Education and support needed to get your desired business up and running.

Founders of Root 2 Mindfulness

Root 2 Mindfulness Program Explained

Our Message To SFM 

Hello Everyone!

We’ve been on SFM for a year now and from being both stuck in jobs we hated and living a life that didn’t make us feel happy and fulfilled, we decided to take a big risk!

After not knowing each other and both discovering Dave Holoborows advert in his cool shed full of awesome surf stuff and his lovely character we found ourselves on his webinar searching for some guidance and after that we asked each other for help. After long conversations became great business partners!

From quitting jobs and finding other jobs to selling what we own, to asking for help, to always remaining positive, to having serious family difficulties, and quite honestly having no social life for a year just to get us to this point.

We dived into the online world and put both of our skills and passions under one roof. The Determination, the courage and working smart from knowing absolutely nothing about business… To setting up an entire company and developing a Full-on online course into the life of Mindfulness.

This gave us both learning curves, moments of stress, sadness, exhaustion but when we felt hope was fading we collaborated from Zoom or in-person and built our spirits high again, if this is not a true friendship then I don’t know what is.

As we pushed through the tough times, after 9 months of creating we have designed and launched our company: Root 2 Mindfulness. An emotional education platform for the whole family! Exploring your inner self through mindfulness, creativity, awareness, love, compassion, purpose and meaning.

SFM gave us both a chance to not only attain strong business minds through positive constructive teaching but also gave us a chance to become independent, valuable, creative, positive about life and gave us the determination to make the world a better place for us to be in. We just want to thank SFM and the whole team and community for helping us to get this far! It’s a lovely nest of great people who deserve the best things in life. I hope our story can help you create your own abundance.

If you would send us lots of love and kindness by giving us your thoughts, feelings, likes and shares we would be more than grateful for your feedback and support! ❤️

Check out our Root 2 Mindfulness website here.


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Enjoy and may your journey begin! Jon & Rachael : )

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