How The SFM Business System Works!

SFM Stands for “Six Figure Mentors”; a company designed to help, educate, build and manage successful online businesses. It started back in 2010 by English man Stuart Ross and Canadian Jay Kubassek; two highly successful 7 figure* internet marketers who Started their internet marketing adventure in the sector of affiliate marketing.

When building an online business the word hard work get used a decent amount, as takes a lot of time and persistence to learn the methods. On the other hand, for those who are determined, future rewards are unbelievable.

The belief for success is mostly down to your mindset when going through the methods, so for that reason, the main focus of the SFM’s training allows you to discover your inner self, as well as building the mentality of a successful entrepreneur. Conclusively, the results that a person produces are down to that person’s commitment and focus to succeed.


Do You Want To Learn How To Market Online?


When you understand the basics, effective marketing is no more than putting the right information in front of the right people at the appropriate time.

Haven’t created a product or service?
Doesn’t matter, neither did we. Don’t have a message? Not to worry, you will discover once you take this journey.



Each SFM system is designed to educate people on how to build a Digital business, and then how to effectively market that business to the right target audience with your message.

Some people choose to build their own products/services, others decide to sell other people’s products\services through something called “Affiliate Marketing”, and others still favour to sell the SFM’s products and services as an affiliate.

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SFM allows you to develop an online business without having to worry about doing any of the cold callings. By marketing the SFM’s products and associated partner products, you can start to create income streams for your efforts*.

The SFM has created a complete system which includes endless amounts of training from an extensive range of topics, along with tools and support that enable you to build websites quickly, follow-up email strings, marketing campaigns and many more.

The SFM’s team has a tremendous support team which will help you discover and understand the tools needed to master, contact your qualified prospective customers for you, and attempt to convert those eligible potential customers into clients. Once you bring a customer into the SFM, you will receive further commissions from that customer whenever they purchase any of SFM’s other products or any related partner products.

40-50% commission is coming your way from the retail price of products sold that you’ve purchased yourself previously, and 10% commission of those that you have not purchased. Affiliate commissions vary from $100 – $8,000 depending on the product obtained*.


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