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The way the world is going, everyone is now using their phone or speaking to the devices to get questions answered. So with this incredible database at your fingertips, you can learn a substantial amount by watching 1 to 4-minute videos which enables you to retain new skills easy and fast with these state-of-the-art micro-learning videos. You’ll get a real sense of progression even if you’re tight for time. By teaching simple and powerful lessons, SFM enables students to diversify their skill set quickly and efficiently.

Here’s why this educational method is quickly becoming the trend of the future!


Control your progress – fancy targeting modules to suit your exact needs. Stop when you like, take tests when you are ready and set your learning intentions. View your progress when you want either on the move or at home!



Prefer to watch than reading. This way of bite-sized learning lets you expand your skills faster than before. Instead than watching boring TV ads, learn something new to develop your skills.


The difficulty with the old way of learning it’s often too daunting with all the reading involved – learning should easily translate into doing. With the Digital Skills Platform, the information you accumulate can be practised straight away to drive your business onward.


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